Update 17 March 2018 at 21:45:16 IST

To my family, friends and all the beautiful souls

Our Nitesh has departed for a better place. On March 14th 10 AM (PST) our fighter moved on to a new home where he is absolved of the limitations of a physical body. For the past one month, he had been on the ventilator and had come close to death thrice in the past three days. His willpower was forever strong, his love for us ever present. But God had better plans written.

To us, Cancer was by far the most influential teacher of our lives. It completely changed our outlook toward this brief period of existence on Earth. It made us value every single second we spent with each other and showed us that we were capable of emoting a love so pure, that we ourselves were shocked by the sheer strength of it.

And in the end, Cancer LOST.

Nitesh might have been taken away in the bodily form, but he still lives. His passion to defeat cancer with love and elevate the lives of people still lives. His resilient attitude that made him live for 2 whole months more, even when doctors estimated only a couple of days, still lives. And as long as we live, he lives. He lives through our actions and promises to help the rest of humankind. His legacy is indestructible as long as there is life on Earth.

In the past couple of months, we were very lucky to come across so many kind souls who accepted us into their homes, fed and clothed us, while we fought a raging battle. People from all over the world whom I had never even met, prayed for us and put their entire effort into ensuring that we get access to the right food and medical treatment. So many individuals selflessly offered their life’s savings to give Nitesh a chance. We were blessed to be treated with so much love. The last 7 months that we spent in a Foreign land was the most comfortable and positive time of our lives. For this, we are deeply grateful to you all.

The reason why I say that we defeated cancer is because it did not slow us down. We defeated it by looking it in the eye and putting up a fight irrespective of the consequences. Nitesh’s mission in life was to defeat cancer with love. It is now my goal to fulfill his purpose in life. He continues to live through me.

With this, I would like to thank all of you for your kind words and support. Please cherish your loved ones and do not let the little things in life weight you down. It is a very precious gift and only a lucky few get to experience it. Do not waste it away.

Nitesh’s funeral rites would be held tomorrow. We are extremely proud of him for battling the disease and never ever giving up. We are honored to be his family and his love makes us strong.

To my dear Nitesh

I love you. You know that only too well. You came into my life and made me witness a connection so passionate, even the worst of times did not deter us. It goes without saying, the world feels empty without you. Every waking moment I spend, I must remind myself to be strong. I would give anything to have you back. And I wonder if you are Ok. You are always with me, but I miss you a lot. My Love, always remembers how much you are loved. Nothing can ever take you away from me.

I am extremely proud of you and the love that we share. Every moment that I spent with you was truly lived and deeply enjoyed. Our togetherness gave meaning to an erstwhile neglected existence. You are the strongest person I have come across in my life. This journey routinely made you feel searing physical pain, but you never winced and handled it with utmost grace. You handled bad news with extreme maturity and calmness. You managed to keep all our spirits high while enduring a severe battle. And never did you pity yourself or doubt your ability to fight. Every single day, you won.

You showed me that our love is stronger than the mere cycle of birth and death. That our love has the power to give many others a second chance at life. My destiny was intertwined with yours because there was a greater purpose to it. The love that we share is so powerful, it can fight multiple other battles. You showed me how we can transform the destiny of so many others through the power of our love. While a big vacuum has been created in my life, I know I have to stay strong and fulfill our promise. We together grew our love, nurtured it with care and realized its true potential as we saw it grow. You are forever mine as I am yours. There will be a time when we meet again. And till then, I will carry forward with the purpose that we discovered. I will use our love to defeat cancer.

Forever Yours.

Dimple Parmar